Recent Playground Fun

28 Mar

Most days after school, Nyan and Daddy spend a good hour or so down at the playground at our apartment complex – burning off energy, getting fresh air, socializing. There are a good number of kids around Nyan’s age who are usually down there at the same time. Here’s some of their recent hijinx: This is Nyan and Neil, a boy who also happens to attend Nyan’s school.

Here’s some fun on the playground equipment: This is Nyan with Justin, a very sweet boy who’s a year or two older. They have a blast together, and recently discovered that Nyan can sit on the back of Justin’s bike while they tool around the complex. (And yes, Daddy insists that Nyan wears his shoes while doing this. He just happened to get away with no-shoes this one time.)

One day, none of the other boys were around, but in one of the function rooms near the playground, someone had put a toy kitchen. So we hung out there, cooking (notice the exchange after he gives daddy some chicken rice. “It’s delicious. How did you make it so good?” “I put oil on it.” The kid is turning into a fine chef, even if just make believe for now) and bouncing around the room and being silly. Speaking of silly, here’s Nyan, being silly. And, at one point, being a dog. That’s our boy.

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