A Year in the Life: Month Six (12/26/11 – 1/25/12)

19 Jul

Sixth in a daily series

The six month of Nyan Thomas’s life – stretching from the day after Christmas until late January – was a busy one. Lots of fun activities, lots of developmental milestones.

We started the month with Mommy, Daddy and Nyan spending another week and a bit in the UK. There were relatives to meet, friends to catch up with, and even a trip to the zoo! As we reported at the time:

Nyan was less than impressed at first, as he was in his stroller and couldn’t see much. So Daddy started holding him. He was ever so slightly more interested, but let’s be honest: five months old is a bit young for a kid to enjoy a zoo. Still, it was a fun family outing, and mom and dad certainly enjoyed it.

The UK is not quite as chilly as New York, so we spent a fair amount of time outside, bundling up the boy and going for stroller rides through the forest paths near the K. family home. We also took the boy one day to the seaside village of West Mersea, where we enjoyed delicious fish and delicious oysters (which, sorry to say, led to a bout of food poisoning…)

The flight back to New York was mostly uneventful (though the lad decided he’d poop not once, not twice, but three times over the course of the eight hour flight. So we got to change his smelly diaper three times, in a tiny, unventilated airplane bathroom. The less said about that, the better.) He did just fine with the flying itself, and to alleviate the occasional bouts of boredom, he did what he does: flirted, as you read at the time:

The kid is a flirt. Big time. Any female within about 20 rows of our seat was a target: he’d find a pretty female, stare at them ’til they caught his gaze, and then smile, coo, stick his hand in his mouth – you know, standard flirting behavior. He got really tight with one of the flight attendants, too. (As for the fellas, young Nyan Thomas couldn’t care less: one dude was passing by and stopped by our seat for a minute, waiting for the aisle to clear. The guy looked over at Nyan and gave him a smile; Nyan had been looking at a toy but looked up when he felt someone staring at him. When he saw that it was just a dude, he couldn’t be bothered and immediately went back to his toy.)

Back in New York, it was time for Nyan Thomas to graduate from an all-formula diet and on to solid food! That came in early January, with messy (but, to us at least, adorable and hilarious) results, as you saw in this video.

It took a while to get him eating well – hell, we still struggle with it today – but we slowly started to give him more solid food and less formula. Other than that, the boy spent the month just being Nyan. But by the time his sixth birthday rolled around on Jan. 26, he was about to cross another landmark, one that had been causing him the occasional moment of mild pain and massive drooling over the previous few weeks. Can you guess what on earth we could be foreshadowing? Yeah, I bet you can. But come back tomorrow for the next update anyway!

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