Outdoor Activities: Parks and Zoos

23 Jan

A few more pictures from our trip to the UK last month.

The weather wasn’t too cold, so late one afternoon we strapped him into the stroller and, with Noel and Lisa, headed to a nearby nature preserve:

The flash and the angle makes this next one look like Nyan and I were photoshopped into the scene. Nope.

Another day, we decided to take the boy to his first-ever zoo, the Colchester Zoo. It’s a fine mid-sized zoo with a decent selection of animals, though it was colder and more windy than we expected. Nyan was less than impressed at first, as he was in his stroller and couldn’t see much. So Daddy started holding him. He was ever so slightly more interested, but let’s be honest: five months old is a bit young for a kid to enjoy a zoo. Still, it was a fun family outing, and mom and dad certainly enjoyed it.

A pair of red pandas up there near the top:

Burmese python!

Some sort of vulture or California condor, maybe. About to munch on a dead rat. We stepped away before it got gory.


And finally, Colchester Zoo has a pair of lovely (if elusive) tigers. Here’s one:


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