Today’s Photos: Playtime!

02 Apr

Nyan Thomas has gotten to spend a lot of time outside these past few weeks, oftentimes in the company of Noel and Lisa, who’ve done a fantastic job playing with him, taking him around, socializing, and just generally taking care of the boy. (Thanks!) Here’s some shots from some recent outings.

First up: the young man needs to be properly strapped into his stroller:

Here he is with Uncle Noel on a trail through a park:

Nyan has spent some time on swings, as you saw in this video. Here is is on a tire swing. Does he look unhappy?

He is not unhappy.

Another stroller shot:

And a couple more swing shots:


And finally, young Nyan Thomas and Auntie Lisa (at the same pond you saw in these pictures from December)   Happy little guy!


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2 responses to “Today’s Photos: Playtime!

  1. Noel Khine

    April 8, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    We loved every second, minute he was with us!


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