A Year in the Life: Month Nine (3/26/12 – 4/25/12)

22 Jul

Month Nine in Nyan Thomas’s life – from late March through late April – was a big month for both Nyan and for his parents, with lots of travel for him and for them, and with some major life decisions finally set in stone and begun to be implemented.

When we last left our hero, he was having a good time in the UK; that’s how his ninth month of life started as well, as Mommy was putting the final touches on her preparation for her professional certification exam. Nyan, meanwhile, was hanging out in laundry baskets, here; and enjoying the cozy comfort of a bucket for a bath, here; and playing with his relatives, including Auntie Zuzu, here, his cousins the cheeky moos, here, and Uncle Noel and Auntie Lisa, here. Oh yes, he also very much enjoyed hanging out in an empty cardboard diaper box, here.

But all that playtime had to come to an end when he and Mommy flew back to New York. But Daddy was certainly happy about it – see here – and made sure to welcome them home with a special trip the next day to a fantastic old restored carousel along the East River, in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. A fun family day, and a great way for the three of us to reconnect, as you saw here.

They got back on a Sunday night; the carousel was Monday, and we were scheduled to fly to the midwest on Saturday for a week-long visit with the L. family – his first trip to Chicago and Iowa! But first, we had to deal with a quick little illness – the poor guy had a fever for a day – and Daddy told his job that he’d be quitting in three weeks’ time, with the plan being that the family would be moving to London. A lot of action packed into just one short week!

Nyan got over the illness, and it was off to O’Hare and a visit to Uncle Scott and Aunt Maggie’s in the suburbs of Chicago, with Daddy’s friends from Chicago proper trekking out to see them for the evening as well. The stay featured Nyan’s first tinkling of the ivories and strumming of a guitar, as you saw in these great videos.

Then it was on to Iowa, where Nyan met Uncle Mike, Aunt Sarah and cousin Mia for the first time, as well as meeting other L. family members. And even Great Grandma L., who lives a good eight hours’ drive away in Arkansas, decided she’d drive all the way up to Iowa to meet him! We captured the moment in a four-generation picture, here.

The week was good and relaxing, with plenty of spoiling for the young man while Mommy and Daddy rested and relaxed. Check out this photo slideshow, most of them never-before-published, for a sampling of what we got up to:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then it was back to New York, for what would end up being our final month in the town where Mommy had lived for nearly four years; where Daddy had lived for more than eight years; and the place where Nyan was born. But we were excited; we had a grand new adventure to look forward to. But first there would be an awful lot of packing to take care of….

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