Welcome Home! (photos and video)

09 Apr

Sunday evening marked the triumphant return home of Nyan Thomas and his Mommy. Daddy was at JFK waiting for them, and was it a happy reunion? It was. Both looked happy and healthy, if a bit worn-down from the transatlantic flight. Daddy snapped a quick shot on his BlackBerry with the little man. Daddy looks happy; Nyan looks exhausted:

Sure enough, it didn’t take long once we strapped him into the car seat to fall fast asleep and stay that way the whole way home. (Shame too; rather than taking Atlantic Avenue – a pothole-filled road that, though the most direct route and a major thoroughfare, passes through some of the ugliest and poorest parts of Brooklyn; not the way I wanted to welcome my family home! – we took the Belt Parkway, a freeway that skirts the shoreline. Couldn’t see much at night, but passing under the Verrazano Bridge, and seeing New York Harbor dotted with large ships, was a pretty inspiring sight). Here’s the sleepy man once we got home:

He did manage to wake up so we could change his diaper and put him in his pjs:

(apologies for the lousy picture quality of these pics; taken with a BlackBerry, which isn’t known for sharp photos)

Then it was sound asleep for the rest of the night. Well, until 3am, when he woke up and would not go back to sleep. (In his defense, that was 8am to his body clock.) He crawled around, he babbled, he crawled some more, he pooped… Mommy and I basically traded shifts for the rest of the night, one of us keeping him company while the other napped, but we were both pretty much zombies by morning. Naps (two hours for Mommy, one for me) helped. And the little man? Full of beans, as we see from this video from Monday morning:

This evening he went down around 8pm. We’re expecting him to wake up a little later tomorrow – 4am, probably – as his body clock slowly resets.

Update: Nope. 2am. Going in the wrong direction! Then back to sleep, then up at 3am. Then back down after a while, then up at 6am.

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