A Year in the Life: Month Ten (4/26/12 – 5/25/12)

23 Jul

Tenth in a 12-part series.

Our last month in New York! It was the month where Daddy left his job; where Grandma L. came to visit for a week or so; and where our nice hardwood floors were covered in cardboard, packaging tape and bubble wrap. But we still managed to find plenty of time to have fun with the boy – and we even let him “help” with the packing!

Before all that, though, at the end of April, Nyan Thomas went to his first art show, a gallery in Chelsea that was displaying the works of a photographer who had been among the Karen freedom fighters in the Burmese mountains. We met some interesting people, and most of them were quite impressed with our boy, as you saw here.

Mothers Day rolled around in May as well – Mommy’s first! We celebrated with dinner at cousins Brian and Hannah’s swank pad in a Brooklyn high-rise. Nyan played with Smudgie the Cat and generally crawled around, as we reported at the time.

We took the boy to see an eye doctor this month too; Daddy was worried that he might have had some early form of being cross eyed. (His fears were for naught: turns out that what Daddy was seeing was essentially an optical illusion caused by a fold of skin over a corner of his left eye, common in babies with Asian blood. It’ll go away as the boy gets older, we were told, and indeed Daddy hasn’t noticed it of late. Whew!) So it was a pointless trip, really, but we were glad to get the reassurance, and we also got some nice shots of the boy in the waiting room, seen here in this never-before-published photo slideshow (which includes a pair of pics from another doctor’s visit this month, this for a routine checkup with the pediatrician).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And later in the month, Grandma L. flew out for a week or so. She mostly kept the boy company with cuddles, stroller rides to the park and the like, while Mommy and Daddy packed. Yes, we were just a few weeks away from leaving – and there was lots to do. So we unfortunately didn’t post many entires to this here blog, though we did manage to get a shot of our hero with his Grandma:


When Nyan’s 10 month birthday rolled around on May 25, our Brooklyn apartment – the only home he’d ever known  up til that point! – was pretty much nothing but boxes, as we were in the process of selling off all our our cheap Ikea furniture. The kid took it like a champion – we’d been worried that all the packing and whatnot might disrupt his schedule, might upset him somehow; nope, not at all. The kid knows how to adapt! Turns out our greatest challenge, when it came to Nyan at least, was keeping him away from the packing tape, as he was desperate to stick it in his mouth.

And at the end of May, Mommy and Daddy and Nyan set off for… well, dear reader, that actually happened in his 11th month. Come back tomorrow to find out where they set off for! And if you already know… don’t give it away. No spoilers!

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