A Year in the Life: Month Eleven (5/26/12 – 6/25/12)

24 Jul

It was a busy month, with lots of travel and lots of change. But through it all, Nyan Thomas was a trooper, with the worst effect being a slight disruption to his sleep patterns brought on by jet lag. But even that was fairly mild.

Month 11 began with Nyan still living in Brooklyn – but on the last day of May, we loaded most of our stuff into a moving truck, bound for a shipping container headed to the UK. Nyan and Mommy headed for the airport and a plane that would take them to Iowa.

Daddy, meanwhile, packed an SUV full of stuff that they didn’t want to either sell or ship, and hit the road, Iowa-bound as well. As Daddy slowly made his way across the Rust Belt, Nyan got to hang out with the L. side of the family, including Great Grandma L., who clearly adores the young man. (She had been in Iowa, visiting from Arkansas, earlier in the month, and delayed her return home by a week, just so she could stick around and see Nyan when he arrived!)

Daddy made it to Iowa, and Mommy headed to the UK, where she would start to look for a place to live as well as interview for jobs (she got a great one not long afterwards; hooray!). Daddy and Nyan, meanwhile, spent the better part of June in Iowa – soaking up the early summer warmth, sleeping, hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa L. and other family and friends, and taking care of last-minute paperwork and other issues. There were trips to the park, puppies to play with, and plenty of time spent in an inflatable pool in in the back yard. Oh, also, there was a vacuum player to play with – not to mention lots of time spent just crawling around in the back yard and playing in the dirt. (All of those links, by the way, take you to great videos or pictures… go ahead and click!)

After a couple weeks, Mommy returned to Iowa, and a few days after that, on June 20, all three of us headed to O’Hare and hopped a jet to Heathrow. Nyan was, as ever, pretty good on the flight, and all three of us made it to the UK, just a little bit ragged from the overnight flight.

It took us all a few days for our body clocks to readjust, though I’d say Nyan made the shift much easier than Mommy and Daddy. Then it was time to get to know England, and to hang out with all the many aunties, uncles and cousins, not to mention the K. grandparents, better known as Pho Pho and Phwa Phwa.

There’s just one more installment left in our 12-day look back at Nyan Thomas’s first year of life! Come back tomorrow…

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