Blogging from 38,000 Feet

04 Jan

Not really – we’re all back in Brooklyn after a lengthy, but uneventful, journey home on Tuesday. Three take-aways from the flight:

1. The kid is a trooper, and a true traveler. Nary a cry or a whine or a note of dismay during the entire eight-plus-hour flight; the only real problem was that he got very bored after a while, and really wanted to lie on his back, roll over and try to crawl. No room to do that on a plane, of course. So he got a little restless. But so did his parents after eight hours in coach.

2. The kid is a flirt. Big time. Any female within about 20 rows of our seat was a target: he’d find a pretty female, stare at them ’til they caught his gaze, and then smile, coo, stick his hand in his mouth – you know, standard flirting behavior. He got really tight with one of the flight attendants, too. (As for the fellas, young Nyan Thomas couldn’t care less: one dude was passing by and stopped by our seat for a minute, waiting for the aisle to clear. The guy looked over at Nyan and gave him a smile; Nyan had been looking at a toy but looked up when he felt someone staring at him. When he saw that it was just a dude, he couldn’t be bothered and immediately went back to his toy.)

3. Poop on a plane… ‘Nuff said, really. Nyan Thomas pooped not once, not twice, but three times as we soared high above the North Atlantic. Stinky, goopy, get-everywhere poops too. We got to know the changing table in the tiny airplane bathroom very, very well.

All good though as we’re home, unpacking and starting to settle back in to life here in chilly wintry New York. More photos and commentary on the excellent trip to the UK to come. For now, here’s the young man on the plane, shortly before take-off; he’s wearing his shades ’cause we didn’t want the bright lights to bother him. Also ’cause he just looks cool.


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2 responses to “Blogging from 38,000 Feet

  1. nyo

    January 14, 2012 at 10:28 am

    such gorgeous pics of nyan-sure enjoying them, so gla u guys r back safely-talk to u later-aunty nyo


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