Where in the World is Nyan Thomas?

13 Mar

Kid’s got more frequent flyer miles than most adults! Yes, he’s back in the UK for the next couple-few weeks. Mommy has some career-related things to take care of over there, so off they went.

It is, as you can imagine, a bit quiet here at Global Headquarters on the Mean Streets of Park Slope, Brooklyn. But fret not, dear blog reader; we have a bunch of photos and videos to share in the coming days, and we’ll also be sharing fresh new content from the UK as well. So don’t forget to check back soon!

In the meantime, a couple photos from the trip to the airport, and an anecdote: I drove them to JFK and dropped them off at the terminal to start the check-in procedure while I parked the car and brought the luggage in. When I got up to the Virgin Atlantic check-in area, a few check-in people were standing there, ready to direct me to where I needed to go. I explained that my wife was already checking in and that I was just bringing the bags… “Oh, yes, they’re right over there,” the woman exclaimed. “You have an adorable son!”

Yes, it seems that Nyan Thomas had turned on the charm. And he kept it going, too, as we finished the check-in procedures. He was all smiles and giggles at the women behind the counter. And they were all smiles and giggles right back.

It did not, unfortunately, land them a free upgrade, but hey.

Here, then, photos from just before Nyan and Mommy headed through security.

And a screenshot from a Skype call the other day…



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