Weekend with Nyan

23 Sep

Editor’s note: We wrote this several days ago. Just posting it now – ironic, or something, in that it’s a post about a weekend, but the next weekend is upon us. Sorry. Busy.

We had a brief moment of radio silence on this here blog, as your humble blog-writer had a lot of things occupying his attentions last week. But the busy week transitioned seamlessly into a very mellow weekend, with lots of family time.

On Saturday, after some errands in the morning, we decked Nyan out in his Iowa Hawkeye gear so he could watch the football game with Daddy. Beatrice could care less about Hawkeye football – hey, she’s just about perfect, but clearly not 100% perfect – so she headed over to Manhattan for lunch with a friend. Nyan and I watched the football game (a great game too, with a stirring and very improbable come-from-behind victory for the home team). I would occasionally explain to him what was going on, and whenever the camera caught a glimpse of the University of Iowa Hospital behind the stadium, I’d point out that that was where Daddy was born. He seemed impressed.

Beatrice and I even managed to have a bit of a date night after we put him down to sleep in the evening. It was a classic new-parent date night: watching a pay-per-view movie from our comfy couch. But we enjoyed it. We watched Thor, which was frankly better than I expected – thoroughly entertaining, actually. (Aside: at one point before Nyan was born, Beatrice floated the idea of naming him “Thor.” I quickly nixed that idea, though it struck me later that it could have been a useful bargaining chip in getting Kinnick in the mix too. Thor Kinnick L.? Kinnick Thor L.? Nice ring to it, actually…)

Sunday had a similar feel: errands in the morning, then Beatrice headed off to lunch with our friend Tai and Tai’s mother in Koreatown, while Nyan and I hung out at home. We played, hung out, changed diapers, and just took it easy. I tried to watch some NFL but couldn’t get into it, so we half-watched a James Bond film (Quantum of Solace – good stuff!) and waited for Mommy to get home.

So it wasn’t that thrilling of a weekend, but after a tiring week, it was just what the doctor ordered. I also liked the fact that Nyan and I got to hang out on our own for a few hours each day. That’s a good thing for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s great that Beatrice got out of the house and got to spend time with friends – she’s on Nyan duty all day on weekdays, so it’s good for her to get a change of pace. And of course it’s great that I get to bond with the boy as well. On weekdays I’m lucky to get an hour in the morning, an hour at night, and a few sleepy overnight feeds – not nearly enough. It’s interesting to get to know his rhythms, the routines that Beatrice knows very well – how he likes to sleep in (just like his parents) and get going in the late morning; a quick cat-nap around 1pm – about 20 minutes on Saturday and Sunday, just enough time for Daddy to scarf down a quick lunch – then an afternoon of hanging out, cooing, pooping and peeing, and generally being adorable.

He does start to get fussy in the late afternoon, like clockwork; bathtime always calms him down (Nyan *loves* being in the bath, and only cries when we take him out of the water), and we always hold tight to the hope (false hope, as it turns out) that he’ll take that mellow post-bath feeling and ride it right to sleep. Nope: he’s ready for a couple hours of fussing before finally falling into deep slumber. I try to read to him a bit, in hopes that it’ll get him to sleep – usually it’s a kid’s book, but on Sunday evening I decided to read from an article I had on my iPad. It happened to be an excerpt from the book that inspired the cinematic classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High – so Nyan got to hear all about Mr. Hand and Jeff Spicoli. Not sure what that might do to his mental development, but he did fall asleep by the end of the reading, so I’ll assume that the end justifies the mean.

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