Out with the Nanny

21 Sep

Editor’s note: To fully understand this post, you have to understand the nature of our neighborhood. We live on the outskirts of an area called Park Slope; the Slope’s reputation is that it’s where Manhattan residents move to after they have kids. And during the days, the streets are filled with strollers – many of them pushed by nannies, since Mom and Dad both work in the city and bring home large enough incomes to afford a daylong nanny.

You must also understand that Beatrice is looking good these days. If you didn’t know, you’d be shocked to learn that she had a baby just eight weeks ago.

The scene: the Walgreen’s drug store near our house, midday. Stocking up on diapers.

The players: Nyan in his stroller; Beatrice pushing Nyan; a host of other midday shoppers and Walgreens employees.

Nyan being Nyan, he tends to attract a lot of attention wherever he goes. “What a cutie!” “What a gorgeous baby!” Mommy and Daddy eat it up, of course, and certainly agree. Such was the case today, as Beatrice and Nyan fended off compliment after compliment.

Until one would-be complimenter took it too far: “Oh, how lucky you are, to get to be the nanny to such a gorgeous child!”


I wasn’t there, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m sure Beatrice was nothing but polite as she informed this person that, no, she’s not the nanny – she’s the mother.

“Oh, oh, I mean, you’re lucky to be the mother of such a gorgeous child!” the person tried to backtrack.

It is, I suppose, an understandable presumption. Beatrice is a minority, pushing a baby who, at first glance at least, still looks pretty white. She’s in excellent shape, and it’s midday, when the streets are filled with other nannies.

But still. We’ve joked about this before – “People on the street probably assume I’m the nanny, ha ha!” – but apparently we were spot on.

It’s amusing if nothing else. Here, then, is a photo of Nyan strapped into his stroller (from this past weekend, not from today).

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