24 Oct

As you may know, Nyan has never been too fond of dogs. He’s long had a healthy skepticism of them, a skepticism that often has spilled over into outright fear. It hasn’t helped that, living in a high-rise in one of the world’s most densely populated cities, he doesn’t have a lot of chances to have long interactions with the furry fellows.

Happily, that changed in September when visiting Phil, Jill and their three boys in Chicago. They have a lovely little rescue dog named Pearl, who’s quite mellow and sweet. Nyan has met Pearl before but never really clicked, but this trip, something came together in his head and before we knew it, Nyan was all over the friendly pooch.

Here he is, walking and cuddling Pearl like they had always been best pals:

Cuddling his new pal:

It wasn’t just Pearl though. He brought his new-found love of canines back with us when we returned to Iowa City. Check him out here with Aunt Maggie’s pooch:

And then there was the Beast, a.k.a. Lily, one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. She’s Cousin Mia’s pooch, and Nyan loved Beast too.

Okay, so it took a minute. But once they warmed up to each other, it was all love.

Happy to report that he’s still into dogs now that we’re back in Singapore. No fear of them at all. Such a nice change. He’s even mentioned, a time or two, getting a dog himself. Uh, we quickly change the topic. Dude, we live in a not-huge apartment on the 20th floor – not so great for a dog.

Still, pleased as hell that he’s finally into dogs. Our boy is coming along nicely.


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