Fun Times with the Iowa Fam

21 Oct

Nyan always has a great time whenever we’re able to visit Iowa. And why not? It’s clean, spacious, plenty to see and do, and lots of family members to dote on him. He certainly had fun this fall with Grandma and Grandpa:

And with cousin Mia too:

And he had a blast at Uncle Scott and Aunt Maggie’s too — where Uncle Scott made him a nameplate in his wood shop and Grandpa let him drive the lawnmower.

In fact, Nyan enjoys Iowa so much that he’ll often say he wants to live there! When we mention that it gets really, really cold there, he shrugs and says ‘I like the cold.’ No, son, not this kind of cold you don’t. But still – great to see him embracing his paternal roots, for sure.




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