Nyan Thomas, Airport Aficionado

18 Oct

We spent a lot of times at various airports this summer and fall as we flew from Singapore to London to Detroit to Iowa, and then reversed ourselves and flew back the other way. A few shots from the long, long journey:

The flight from Singapore to London Heathrow. It was about 14 and a half hours. Despite catching a little can nap, we still got a little loopy by the end of it.

Chilling at the car rental place with all our luggage, waiting for our car to be ready:

At Heathrow, watching the planes as we wait for our flight to the US:


Post-transatlantic flight, passed out at the Detroit airport. Jet lag!

And finally, weeks later, back home at Singapore’s Changi Airport after a long two days of travel:

Welcome home, world traveler!

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