Nyan Visits a World War II Air Show

11 Aug

The local airport held an air show of sorts: a group of guys owns some World War II-era planes, including fighter planes and a B-29 Superfortress bomber (same kind of plane that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, as it happens), and they bring them around to airports and let people check out the planes. They also offer flights in the planes themselves, but with prices ranging from $600 for a flight in the bowels of the B-29, to $2600 to soar in a Corsair, we thought it best to stick to the ground, which only cost $10 a head (and kids were free!)

The best part, Daddy thought, was the B-29. We stood inside one of the bomb bays, which was full of (defused, I assume) 500-pound bombs. Then we climbed a ladder to stand in the cockpit.

They also had that Corsair, which happens to be the same model as Skipper, one of the characters in Nyan’s second favorite movie, Planes: Fire and Rescue. (The most favorite being Penguins of Madagascar.)

We went on the second day, and only four planes were there – several more were to arrive on the weekend – and the B-29 was the only one we could go in. But it was still pretty cool, and it was a beautiful and very warm summer day. No complaints at all.

For Nyan, probably the best part was the toy WWII plane (it was a Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, Grandpa decided) that Daddy bought for him as a souvenir. No, that was definitely his favorite part. Kids today.

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