United Nations Day at School 

06 Nov

Nyan goes to what’s known here in Singapore as an international school. It basically means it’s a private school that’s intended for kids of ex-pats (as opposed to the local school system, which is quite difficult for ex-pat kids to get into, unfortunately). Among the benefits of an international school:  your kid will certainly make friends from all over the world. The kids in Nyan’s class hail from places including Vietnam, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, the U.K., the U.S., India, New Zealand, China and many more. It’s a great mix.

To celebrate all that diversity, the school held “UN Day” in mid-October. Everyone wore clothes representing their heritage; Nyan could have chosen the U.S., U.K. or Myanmar. He chose the latter, and wore his Burmese soccer shirt.

Here’s his class, parading around the school grounds

The highlight was a performance of a few songs that Nyan’s class had been practicing. It certainly attracted the attention of photographer-parents.

Here they are, taking the stage:

Here are the songs. A lovely piece about diversity etc. called Under One Sky, which Nyan had been practicing around the house for weeks:

And another one about all the different ways to say Hello in different languages. No mention of “mingalaba,” which of course is “hello” in Burmese, though:

Afterwards, the class posed for a group shot. Nyan had to be a goof, of course.

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