Playdate with Adriana and Kyra and Chrysa

03 Nov

Nya got to spend a Sunday afternoon in early October with Adriana, Kyra and Kyra’s sister Chrysa. It started out at Kyra’s house, where there was much running around (perhaps as part of a game of hide and seek):

Then it was off to the National Gallery, an art museum downtown where they had some special exhibits on for kids.  First they hung out on some stairs, listening to a concert:

The museum had lots of interactive activities and fun, color-splashed rooms:

And this exhibit that involved our brave heroes walking on glass across a deep chasm:

Also there was a room that doubled as a jail cell:

All in all, a fun afternoon with some of Nyan’s favorite peeps!

Bonus: later in October we spent a little time at his old school, MMI. Of course we had to pose for silly pictures.

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