Sunday Fun in the English Countryside

27 Jun

On Sunday, we put on our Sunday best and headed to Essex County for the christening of Baby Elizabeth. Mommy’s the godmother, so it was obviously a big day. The service was held in this centuries-old church in the middle of the rolling hills and fields of eastern England. It was a beautiful ceremony… or so I’m told. You see, Mommy sat at the front of the church, since she was in the ceremony, while Daddy and Nyan stayed at the back with a few other young’uns. As Daddy kind of feared, we weren’t three minutes in before Nyan got wiggly and restless. “Mommy! Mommy!” he called out. Totally expected, but not all that appropriate. So we went outside and played in the car and wandered around the church cemetery. Ah well.

Immediately afterwards, people were milling about outside the church, chit-chatting and whatnot. And Nyan, well, he thought Mommy needed a flower:

Then the party moved to Elizabeth’s country estate for food and festivities. It was pretty crowded but Nyan didn’t mind, as he kept busy playing with balloons and wandering around:

And was there a big purple ball to play with? Why yes, yes there was:


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