Car! (Pics and videos)

08 Jun

On our recent trip to Iowa, we learned that one of Nyan’s favorite things to do is to sit in the driver’s seat of a car and fiddle around with the steering wheel, the lights, the horn, the radio, you name it. We shouldn’t be surprised; he’s got an engineer’s mind and loves all things mechanical. Nevertheless, several times a day during our stay, he’d toddle down to the kitchen and shout “Red car! Red car!” which was his way of saying ‘Let me out into the garage, I want to sit in Grandma’s red car and play.” Cousin Meema was more than happy to indulge him, as you can see in these photos:

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He also clambered into Grandpa’s car and somehow managed to turn the radio on, even though the keys were nowhere near. “I didn’t know you could turn it on without the keys,” said Grandpa. Here’s a fun video of the boy, rocking out and showing his dance moves to the car radio:

And some bonuses videos of Nyan, strapped into his car seat with Mommy next to him and Daddy behind the wheel, cruising down the highways of Iowa on our way to some event or other. Of course he’s pointing out each and every truck he sees on the road, and otherwise just happily babbling away.

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