A Month of Sundays (pics and videos)

09 Jun

Sundays are fun. Here’s a look back, through video and photographs, at three recent ones.

Last Sunday, Aunt Zuzu and Uncle Iain came to visit. It was a lovely warm sunny Sunday, so we headed down to the high street for a Sunday lunch at a pub. We’re quite happy to report that our boy ate very well (in fact, touch wood but he’s been eating very well for several weeks now – a great change from his tendency in the past to just not eat very much. Here’s hoping he keeps it up). Some photos from the pub:

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On the walk back, Emerald pushed the stroller, and Nyan demanded that someone hold not just one of his hands, but both of them. We were all happy to obliged, of course. Spoiled much?

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Later in the afternoon, Nyan showed off his latest dance moves, busting a rug to one of his favorite tunes:

Emerald and Iain stayed over and kept Nyan out of school on Monday, instead taking him on numerous strolls around the neighborhood, the back yard, etc. He had a blast, but by early afternoon he was completely tuckered out – so much so that he just passed out on top of his buddy Yum Yum, the stuffed elephant.


A week earlier, young Nyan Thomas took a Sunday afternoon walk around the ‘hood with Mommy and Daddy from a week before:

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And was there a cat on the street? There was:

Finally, a video from just today – it was a cloudy, lazy Sunday, and Nyan spent part of it by hanging out with his books, listening to some tunes. Not a bad way to spend the day.

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