Monday Morning Dance Party (pictures)

10 Jun

You know how some days you wake up just bursting with energy and joy? Yeah, us neither. Joy, yes; energy, not so much. I blame the 22-month-old in our midst. 

Speaking of that 22-month-old, he certainly was full of energy and joy this morning. Spurred on, perhaps, by Daddy singing silly songs, Nyan could hardly keep still while Daddy was trying to dress him; he just wanted to giggle and dance. Later, while Daddy was finishing getting dressed himself, Nyan decided it was time to dance, so while Daddy clapped out a beat and made silly music noises, he spun, kicked and shook his groove thang all over the bedroom. See pictures below.

A few minutes later, while Daddy was loading up the stroller for the ride to school, Nyan found his sunglasses and put them on the front of his toy tractor – and then laughed and clapped and whooped loudly at the brilliance of it all.

Finally we made it to school, and after he gave Sophie a big hug, his pal James came up to him, and the two of them proceeded to dance in place, quickly moving their feet up and down and laughing.

It’s good to be a baby some days! Here are some pictures from the Monday Morning Dance Party; click on any photo to make it bigger and start a slideshow.

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