30 Jun

This is a new one. We’re not sure where it came from, or what to make of it, but it’s certainly fun.

Quick backstory: this afternoon, Nyan was playing around with giant Lego blocks and came up with a little tower of blocks. He proudly showed it off to me and said: “Robot!” Not sure what to do with this, I said ‘Yes, it does look like a robot! Well done!’ (Where did he learn about robots?!) And as soon as he heard me say robot, he did this thing: he stretched out his face, opened his mouth, and did this weird spastic dance. It was actually hilarious – and he kept doing it, so of course we egged him on. Here, a few videos of Nyan Thomas doing the robot:

This last one is blurry – the power of the iPhone camera, I guess – apologies for that. But it’s probably the best example of The Robot we have:

Again, we have no idea where he learned the word ‘robot’ or where he got that odd little dance. The only thing we can figure is, of course, at daycare/nursery – but it doesn’t really seem like they’d be discussing advanced robotics with a room full of 1-year-olds, ya know? Eh, whatever. It’s just Nyan being Nyan.

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