Bus! (Pictures and video)

16 Jun

Nyan got a bus on Saturday.


He loves buses, just like he loves helicopters, tractors, cars, trains, planes… But this is a special bus: it came from Uncle Jeff, who — with apologies to all the other uncles out there — has, for now at least, taken the title of Favorite Uncle, I think it’s safe to say.

Daddy’s cousin Jeff lives in Austin, Texas, USA with his wife Michelle. They came to Paris for an anniversary trip and came up to London for the day, as you do. It was of course great to see them – it had been several years – and I think it’s fair to say that Nyan had a blast. He was, as usual, a bit stand-offish at first, but as he often does when he decides someone is safe, he very quickly warmed up, and before long he was riding Jeff’s shoulders, holding hands with one or both of them, calling their names, just generally being Nyan.

The creme de la creme came near the end of the day. We had all separated for a few hours, and when we met up again, Nyan saw Jeff and Michelle walking up and immediately called out their names and ran up to them. And then they presented… the bus. It’s a metal replica of a London doubledecker, and Nyan absolutely loved it.

(Fun aside: after we saw them off and drove home, Nyan fell asleep in the car. When we got home we gently carried him to his changing table to put him into his pajamas. He dozed through the whole process except one moment where he opened his eyes and cried “Bus!” and then immediately went back to sleep.)

It was a quick trip but a good one, for us at least. And certainly it was for the young man! Here are some pictures (click to enlarge) and a couple of bus videos. (The planes: we were in Covent Garden when 25 military planes flew overhead, doing some formations in honor of the Queen’s 60th annversay as queen, I believe it was.)


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