Winding Down the School Year

26 Jun


As Nyan’s primary school year wound to a close, there were plenty of events and activities to keep us busy and entertained in the month of May. 

One such event was called Family Day. It was held on a Saturday morning in mid-May and featured lots of food, music, games, and some giant inflated bouncy castles! That’s what we focused on with our video-taking. Check it out:

Later, at month-end, they had the family BBQ night, which included plenty of food and, before that, song-and-dance performances from all the kids. Here’s the tent they set up on the school grounds:


Here’s Nyan’s class up on the stage performing their song, a Bob Marley classic:

After a picnic dinner on the grass, there was lots and lots of playtime – featuring a couple hundred hyper, happy kids.

Lots of fun times and fun memories during the final days of the school year, and in fact of the school itself (it’s being closed and the land will be turned into a public high school).

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