Oh What a Month it Was

30 Jun

One of the many highlights of the month of May was Nyan’s new scooter (and helmet), a modern marvel to replace the one he’d had since his second birthday. Here are some pictures of him showing it off, and a video of him starting to get used to the new wheels.

Let’s take a look at some of the many other small-but-special moments that made May a fun month.

Nyan and Jayden love to do “science” when they get together to play:

Other times they like to make creative scenarios with Legos:

Some random photos:

Nyan has also been making friends with the new neighbor, a cute little two-year-old girl who doesn’t speak much English but really seems to like our boy.

Showing off his dance moves at the tutoring center where he was taking a Mandarin class:

More dance moves:

More random photos:

He made a train out of a box:

Singing while doing his abacus homework:

Another set of random pics:

Goofing around in the elevator:

Goofing around in the pool:

One last batch of miscellaneous pictures:

And finally: our little prince getting a thoroughly relaxing face massage from mommy at the end of another fun-filled day.

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