Nyan and His Friends

23 May

Nyan’s a sociable little fella, and he seems to be pretty well-liked by most of his peers and classmates. Let’s take a look at some recent interactions.

His old friend and former classmate Valentina had a birthday party at her condo in April, so we got to catch up with her and with some other former classmates like Isla and Abi. There was swimming:

And cake and food:

And general play:

It rained pretty heavily for part of the party, which led Nyan to narrate some goofy weather reports. (We think that’s it — hard to hear for all the rain!)

The most fun, surely, came when the kids all discovered the condo’s handball court. Kids + handball court + balloons = mayhem! 

Of course, no mention of Nyan’s friends is complete without plenty of mentions of Jayden, his classmate and friend from the other side of our condo complex.

Here are the lads running wild one morning after a sleepover:

Another friend is a girl Lara. She’s 10 or so, lives in the apartment just below us, and is often downstairs in the evenings, running around with the other kids. She’s quite nice and takes good care of the younger kids. One evening she gave Nyan a scooter ride.


Finally, one Friday morning in April, Nyan’s school hosted a family PE event, where the adults and the kids played various games like dodgeball and whatnot. Lots of kids, lots of activity, lots of sweating. Here’s Nyan, making silly faces as he sits with his classmates:

And various shots from before and after the events.

No actual video of the games, since Daddy was too busy running around and being chased by the kids!

He’s off to a new school next year and surely will make even more friends and pals there. 

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