Nyan Vs. the Wall

27 May

A few weeks back, Jayden’s parents organized a little get-together for a handful of kids at a nearby indoor wall-climbing place. Daddy had been climbing once before and loved it; Nyan hadn’t been but said he was willing to give it a go. So off we went! 

The afternoon started with everyone getting fitted for their harnesses and going through a safety and how-to briefing. Nyan, of course, had to put on his most miserable face for the camera.

We did some climbing on the walls, but it wasn’t long before Nyan and Jayden decided they’d rather spend some time in the little area that simulates, I guess, cave climbing — with more of a slope to the wall, and not as high.

It was fun, but it wasn’t long before one of the staffers came over to tell us that while kids aren’t exactly banned from that part of the facility, they aren’t exactly encouraged to be there either. We took the hint and headed back to the climbing walls.

Here’s our boy bravely scaling the wall:

And here he is, live. Jayden too.

Okay, so Nyan isn’t yet the next [insert name of a famous rock climber here]. And maybe he never will be. But he gave it a go, and didn’t give up when the going got tough. Well done, Nyan!

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