The Holiday Season in Singapore

07 Jan


Artwork by Nyan

We spent the second half of December in Iowa, but that meant we spent the first half in Singapore, wrapping up school and generally getting into the holiday spirit. Grandma and Grandpa did their part to help us with the holiday spirit by sending a box full of little presents for Nyan to open, one each day in December leading up to Christmas Day itself. Yes, it’s blatant spoiling of their grandson, but what can you do? They like it, Nyan likes it. Here’s some of the fun:

He really liked this skeleton:

This is a Lego-esque Iowa Hawkeye thing:

Getting super excited about a Darth Vader toy:

There was more to December than just presents, though. Not much, but some. Like this scene of Nyan and Mommy building a big Lego shark-vehicle thing:

Fnally, just a smattering of random shots from the month:

Stay tuned to upcoming blog posts for a whole lot of pictures from Iowa. And snow.

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