Friends and Family 

11 Jan

Nyan got to spend a lot of time around loved ones in the month of December. Let’s look at some of it.

First up, goofing around with his bestie Jayden on the last day of school for the year:

Uncle Jeff came to Singapore in early December, so Nyan got to hang with him a bit, including an afternoon at the Singapore Slingers basketball game.

Nyan really loves his cousin Mia, and when we were in Iowa he got to hang out with her several times, from watching her play a soccer game to building gingerbread houses together to just goofing around the house.

Speaking of that soccer game, here’s Nyan on the sidelines, being an exhausted and jetlagged goofball. (This was about 12 hours after we first arrived in Iowa, so our bodies and brains had no idea what time or day it was. Of course, to be honest, Nyan acts like this all the time…)

He also spent one afternoon with cousin Faith. Here they are at a restaurant, hugging their goodbyes:

And earlier in the day, doing a little skit for the benefit of the adults.

That same evening, Nyan tried his hand at ping pong and foosball with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mike and Aunt Sarah in the play area of the restaurant we were at:

We also attended a family get-together, with Grandma Lyon, her kids and various cousins, at Daddy’s cousin Bret’s place.

Bret’s kids showed off their considerable piano chops, which led Nyan to show off his own, not-quite-as-considerable chops:

Mostly, though, Nyan just rolled around on the floor.

Good times!

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