Nyan Thomas, Goalie

22 Nov

After Nyan’s Saturday soccer club played matches against (and got walloped by) some older, more experienced kids, his coaches decided to devote one session to learning some goalie techniques. Fine with Nyan, as he typically wants to just hang out in the goal anyway (rather than being part of the action. He’s not exactly all that into soccer, we have to admit).


So there were drills and whatnot. He seemed to enjoy.

On another Saturday they worked on various skills, like running and grabbing balls:

And another one where the kids would hold on to each other and then suddently have to wrestle for control of the ball. Nyan had fun at least:

He also signed up for an after-school soccer club at his school, on Monday afternoons. Here’s a video, rather grainy because Daddy shot it from far away, on a high zoom, to keep from distracting the boy:

We were hoping that the double-dose of soccer might lead to a rapid improvement in his skills. Eh, maybe, if he really cared, but he doesn’t. And that’s okay! We will keep him in soccer a bit longer, as it’s good to learn teamwork, meet new kids, have some fun, get some fresh air and exercise.

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