Halloween 2017

26 Nov

Nyan wanted to be a knight for Halloween this year, just like last year. In fact he used the same basic parts that Mommy did such a great job making by hand last year. She juiced it up this year with a hand-painted shield and other bits, and we got him a longsword to replace the short sword and dagger he had last year.

People at the apartment complex organized a massive party in the function room down by the pool, with snacks and games. It was crowded and fun:

There was also a ‘haunted house’ – really just a dark room with scary effects. No pictures or videos; our hero, bless his heart, was scared to death and started crying a bit. He got over it soon enough though.

Rather than doing house-by-house trick-or-treat like last year, they had volunteers standing at various places around the complex, handing out candies. Here’s Nyan and Jayden, getting ready to go:

And hanging out with a mummy. They weren’t especially scared:

Maybe Nyan’s favorite part of the whole night was eating a blue lollipop and then surveying the damage:

Happy Halloween!

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