20 Feb

Nyan takes part in a pretty good variety of individual sports — taekwondo and swimming especially — but he didn’t have any team sports, and we noticed that he was perhaps a little lacking in the teamwork department. Happily, we found a group that teaches soccer* to kids around Nyan’s age, at a school field just around the corner from our place every Saturday in the late afternoon. Perfect. He’s been going for a couple months now and, well, he’s not showing a whole lot of natural talent, let’s be honest. But he works at it, and it’s great exercise, and he’s showing some signs of improvement we think, and it’s good to interact with a different group of kids…and best of all, he has a blast.

*We are aware that the game is called “soccer” pretty much only in America. We are using the term “soccer” here not because we are being chest-thumping, flag-waving  #MAGA types. Rather, it seems to be called either soccer or football here in Singapore. The word “soccer” is even in the formal name of the group he’s in. So, we call it soccer. 

Some pictures and video: He loves to hang out in front of the net:

Some videos from his very first session, in early January. (The hope is that we look back in months or even years to come and marvel at how far he’s come!)


Various drills:

A little one on one with a smaller kid:

And a scrimmage that first week:

Let’s fast forward to February and see if he’s made any progress.

Some warmups:

Dribbling practice:

Here’s a one-on-one drill against his pal Neeil:

And let’s look at some game action. Here’s our hero, celebrating a goal, of sorts:

More live action, with Nyan protecting the net:

And a bit more. This is the most recent game of this current batch. See any improvement?

Well, whatever; it’s not about skills. It’s about fun, and teamwork. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty nice little field. We’ll keep it up; check back for more videos – and perhaps even more skills – later.


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