A Day Trip to the Beach 

17 Feb

A couple weeks after our return from Phuket, we were feeling the need again for some sun and sand. Despite being a tropical island, Singapore is not exactly blessed with great beaches – there are a mere handful of them strewn across the island, most of them small and man-made, and nearly all of them suffering from ocean debris (that is, trash and litter) washing up on shore. (This is, sadly, common across nearly every beach we’ve been to in Southeast Asia, we’re sorry to report.)

But we’d read about a small off-shore island just a short ferry ride away that had great beaches.  It’s actually a pair of islands – St John’s and Lazarus – that have been connected over the years via reclamation. So early one Sunday morning we took a cab to the ferry dock and piled on for the half-hour ride across the still waters of Singapore Harbor and the Malacca Strait.

We were seated below decks on the way back, and up top for the return. The rides were fine, as we passed by plenty of other ships at anchor that made for nice viewing.

And here we are on shore. It’s obviously not exactly the deepest wilderness here, what with paved sidewalks and cut grass AND the like. Still quite nice though.

Here’s more scenery, including a view of the Singapore skyline a few miles across the water, and a shot of some of the dozens of stray (or feral?) cats that live on the island.

Finally: the beach itself! A perfect crescent of soft white sand, with bathtub-warm water lapping gently ashore. So beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s still Southeast Asia, and we got there as the tide was going out and leaving behind a fair amount of rubbish. There was a bit of trash floating in the water as well. Such a damn shame.

Still beautiful though, and a great way to spend a part of our Sunday.

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