A Special Surprise at the Toy Store

14 Feb

One evening, Nyan and Daddy were at the local shopping mall, running some errands. A new Toys R Us store had just opened, so we spent a little time in there before going to a restaurant to get some dinner.


During the course of all of this, Daddy happened to be talking via text message with Kyle’s mommy Sara about plans for a playdate, and mentioned the new toy store at the mall. Kyle lives not too far, so Sara decided she would take Kyle and sister Kara to the toy store as well.

Daddy didn’t bother to tell Nyan – but did say there was a surprise. Nyan thought the surprise was just a return to the store. Nope. Here’s the reunion of the two best pals:

After that it was just two boys running wild through the store.

It was a school night so we couldn’t stay out too late. But really – best friends and a toy store – Does it get any better than that?

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