After-School Fun

25 Mar

Some photos and videos from the past week or so, giving a glimpse of what our little man gets up to at the end of a long day of learning and playing at school:

Here he is on the walk home, deciding to have a stroll around the outside of the local library, and check out a passing fire engine (which looked, to Daddy’s eyes, like a normal black SUV. I guess Nyan  has better eyesight than Daddy.)


Some photos from various walks home, including Nyan helpfully putting away the recycling bins, and posing on the “Grandma Tree,” which is a tree stump that came down in a windstorm last October; a few weeks later, Grandma L. came to visit, and she and Nyan posed for photos on the tree. To this day, every time we pass the tree – which is twice a day, as it’s right on the way to school – he talks about how he stood on the tree with Grandma.

This video shows Nyan playing around in the entryway after arriving at home – pulling bottles out of boots (which are there to help the boots retain their shape) and then declaring, “I’m going away, Daddy. I got to leave,” before putting on various boots and shoes.


And he loves to wear that monkey hat, but it can sometimes lead to an unfortunate case of hat hair:

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