Sunday Afternoon in the Park

18 Mar

Sunday was an absolutely brilliant day, weather-wise – not a cloud in the sky, temps in the low 60s Fahrenheit. What better way to celebrate then to head to the park across the street?

Here’s Mommy and Nyan, walking along as Daddy takes a video:

We bought Nyan’s red ball (and his green tractor as well) so he could show off his soccer/football skills. Um, let’s just say he’s got some work to do before he makes the national team:

It was our first visit to the playground since winter, and Nyan went right back to his little ‘store’ and offered to ‘cook’ some pasta and tea for Mommy and Daddy.

There was also an ice cream truck parked nearby, and Nyan insisted we buy him a cone. As expected, he showed no interest at all in actually eating it – he didn’t have one bite. Though he did enjoy walking around holding the cone, before finding a pile of old leaves and tossing them up in the air:


And here he is, wandering around the playground, trying to decide what to do next:


Not a bad way at all to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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