Nyan Thomas Draws an Elephant

26 Mar

And a duck, and a baby octopus and momma octopus (or ‘opy-us’ as he says):


The young man also repairs a space rocket while Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa L., then asks them to turn the camera so he can watch a boat passing by their Florida condo:


And finally: the other day, hanging out with Daddy, the phone rang. “Oh! Who’s that?” he asked. “Well, I bet it’s Mommy calling to say she’s coming home. Here, let me walk over and get the…” Before Daddy could get it, though, Nyan raced over, picked up the phone and answered, “Hello Mommy!” It was indeed Mommy, and he proceeded to tell her about his day, while also picking up one of his toy phones and having a two-phoned conversation with her. Then he hung up the phone before Daddy could talk to her.



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