Saturday Night Fever: a Harp, a Wedding, a Dance

03 Feb

Nyan’s Uncle Ye and Aunt Lisa got married on Saturday afternoon/evening. It was a beautiful sunny day out in the Essex countryside, and a lovely ceremony and dinner/reception. Nyan Thomas was to be a page boy, helping escort Lisa into the ceremony.


Unfortunately, it was a 2:30pm ceremony, and Nyan fell asleep at 1pm for his usual nap as we drove toward the venue. We arrived at 1:30 and he was snoozing away, so we let him keep sleeping in the car, since he needed some rest. Daddy finally had to wake him up at 2, and the young man was not a happy camper. Not throwing any fits, just dour-faced and clearly in no mood to be a page boy. So he was all dressed up with nowhere to go… but hey, he looked good at least. (Most of these pictures are from the photo session immediately after the ceremony.)

Of course, within half an hour of the ceremony ending, he was in his usual high spirits:

As the day wore on, his good mood just got better and better. During the dinner, he was running around, talking to anyone and everyone, and especially being transfixed by the harp player who was strumming away in the corner and singing. He would just walk right up to her and stare at her fingers gliding over the strings. Finally, during a break, she asked him if he wanted to play… after some coaxing and demonstrations from Daddy, Nyan started strumming and having a grand old time.

Here he is, doing some little jigs and checking out the harp, a couple times:.

And finally: Nyan Thomas plays the harp:

Here’s our boy showing off his best table manners:

During the speeches after dinner, Nyan got up there with two uncles and felt compelled to grab the mic to send a shout-out to Auntie Lisa:

And then… there was the dancing. A sort of mini disco, with flashing spinning lights. And Nyan Thomas was out there, showing off his fantastic moves:

We left around 8:30 or so, and he was asleep in the car by 8:31. He missed out on his big entrance as a page boy, but he ended up having a blast, so all’s well that ends well.

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