Nyan Thomas Goes to Church

05 Feb

We live just around the corner from an old church (as does, I think, everyone on this island, actually. It’s quite nice). We hear the bells ringing all the time, and we walk by it every day both to and from school. It’s a lovely old building, perhaps 250 years old (that is to say, it’s a fairly new build). Here’s a photo of the exterior:


Nyan being Nyan, he became quite curious about this building, and many mornings would ask if he could go inside. Well, no, we had to explain, as it was time for work and/or school. But someday.

A couple weeks ago, that some day came. One Saturday afternoon, Mommy and Nyan wandered into the gorgeous building and checked it out. Nyan, as you can see in this video, was happy, smiling, giggling, asking ‘what’s that?’ as the organist practiced:

There was also a food donation box, and Nyan asked about it. So they walked across the street to a little grocery store, bought a few cans and other food, and returned to the church, where Nyan placed the food into the donation box. Never too early to teach him the importance of generosity!

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