Nyan Thomas Explains it All

01 Feb

Or at least explains how a vacuum cleaner works.

The other day, we had the vacuum down in the kitchen to clean up a bunch of food that *somebody* spilled on the floor. When we were done, Nyan launched into this tremendously detailed explanation of how the vacuum works. It had something to do with jets of water, a chimney, the vacuum’s “leg” (which seems to be the extension part), and something he insists is called a “fint.” Oh, also, there are buttons that go “beep” when you push them.

After 10 minutes of this, Daddy grabbed his camera and started recording it. And he went on for five more minutes. After this video ends, Mommy came into the room and Nyan started explaining things to *her* – just as detailed and lengthy.

Oh yes there’s also the vacuum’s special feature that requires a carrot to be inserted into it.

This is our boy.


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