Birthday Preview: Year in Review #11 (June)

25 Jul


June was a busy and fun month, with lots of visitors and activities outside of the house and the introduction of Nyan’s favorite new thing to do: the Robot.

We’re not sure what the Robot is, or where it came from, but it’s pretty adorable, we think. Check it out in this (blurry) video:

As for activities, one highlight was a one-day visit mid-month by Uncle Jeff and Aunt Michelle, who were visiting Paris from Texas and popped up to London for the day. Nyan warmed up to them immediately, and his love for them was only cemented when, at the end of the day, Jeff presented Nyan with a toy bus. It quickly became one of his favorite toys; a couple weeks ago, in fact, Nyan was playing with it and started chanting “Uncle. Uncle. Jeff. Jeff. Jeff.”

We also had a fun couple of days with Aunt Zuzu and Uncle Iain, who came to visit one Sunday afternoon and stayed through Monday. Nyan played hookey from school and spent a sunny Monday wandering around the neighborhood with “Zuzu” and “Uncle.”

Later in the month we headed out to the countryside to see Baby Elizabeth be christened, followed by a garden party at Elizabeth’s country estate. And we wrapped the month with a special music lesson at the Royal Festival Hall – which consisted of Nyan and a dozen other toddlers sitting in a circle, singing songs and dancing as a violinist played along, followed by a nice Sunday lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Thames. Not a bad month at all!

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