Birthday Preview: Year in Review #10 (May)

24 Jul

The big event in the month of May was a big trip back to the States – 10 days of so, built around Great-Grandma L.’s 90th birthday party. There was plenty of sleep for Mommy and Daddy, and playtime and grandparental spoilage for Nyan – exactly how it should be.


The jetlag on return was pretty rough; the first couple of nights he woke up around 1am and couldn’t/wouldn’t go back to sleep for two or three hours. But he got back in the groove of normal sleeping fairly quickly, all things considered, and we just have to chalk that up to the costs of seeing family, a cost we’re certainly willing to pay.

Earlier in the month we took a family trip to Kent County and Leeds Castle, a gorgeous old building on several hundred acres of land, complete with numerous roaming peacocks. (Nyan still does a mean peacock impression; just ask him.)

He was ever-more conversant, and also showing off his counting skills by now. (We’d been working with him on counting 1 to 10, later 1 to 20; Mommy reports that he’s getting quite good at counting in Burmese as well!)


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