Birthday Preview: Year in Review #12 (July)

25 Jul

july2013 (1)

Finally – finally! – we got some real-time summertime weather in these parts. In fact, it rained on July 2 – and then, not a drop for the next 20 days! Warm (and even mid-90s hot on a couple of days). All the residents of Nyan Thomas World Headquarters were quite pleased by this. Including our hero, who thought it a fine way to celebrate his last month as a one-year-old.

It was a busy month, mostly because Mommy and Daddy were tied up with putting stuff into boxes and moving things into our new home. Nyan spent a couple of weekends with family in Colchester, which allowed us to actually get some things done. Nyan didn’t mind one bit. Here are a couple of videos of Nyan with cousins Hetty and Pops, and Auntie Laura:

Settling in to the new house is still a work in progress, but so far so good. Most importantly, of course, is that he turns two years old tomorrow! We’ll celebrate with a little get-together for family and friends in the backyard of our old house, and we’ll celebrate even more with the arrival (also tomorrow) of Grandma and Grandpa L. from Iowa. We’ve been telling Nyan about it, and I think he understands…

Hope you’ve enjoyed the quick look-back at the past year over the past few days, dear reader. Come back often to see how the young man changes over the next 12 months, won’t you?


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