Birthday Preview: Year in Review #6 (Jan. 2013)

22 Jul

After an action-packed month of December, with lots of traveling and holiday activities, January was relatively slow. It didn’t help that it got cold and dark and uncharacteristically snowy in London, which kept us all house-bound more than we would have liked. But we made the most of it. Hanging out with friends, reading up a storm, poking around the house, and – especially – working more and more on our walking.

He’d taken his first steps back in November, of course, but even at Christmas was still mostly crawling, although trying more and more to walk. But by mid- January, as we reported at the time:

He’s looking less and less like a drunken sailor and more and more like just a regular ol’ Toddler, walking along.

By January he was also improving his vocabulary in leaps and bounds, picking up new words on a daily basis and trying to actually communicate with us. Not always successfully, as oftentimes his words would be unintelligible to us, though he was obviously trying to say *something*.

Not bad for being 18 months old, we’d say.

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