Birthday Preview: Year in Review #5 (Dec.)

22 Jul

December was, understandably, all about the holidays. We kicked off the month with a Christmas party at the nursery on a Saturday afternoon, wherein Nyan got his face painted, ate some cookies, and met Santa for the first time. How did it go? As we reported at the time, he was a little standoffish at first but soon warmed up. Santa gave Nyan a wrapped present; Nyan looked at it, smiled, and handed it back to Santa! He’s a giver, our young man…

A couple weekends later, Nyan took Mommy and Daddy to a nearby restaurant and met about a dozen of his carers from the nursery. Nyan wanted to take them all out to a holiday lunch to thank them for taking such good care of him. He had a blast, surrounded by love.

And then, around mid-month, the three of us trekked to Heathrow and boarded a big airplane… 18 hours later, we made it to Grandma and Grandpa’s house! Nyan was fine with the long day of travel, and for the next 12 days or so he lived it up in Iowa. It was cold, and we had a blizzard or two, but Nyan didn’t mind. There were presents to open, snacks and treats to eat, cousins and aunts and uncles to charm, you name it. We also took him to a photo studio for a formal session, and came out with some really nice pictures.

We all headed back to London near the end of the month, and wrapped up the year at Sharon and Chris’s house out in the Essex countryside.  A lovely month overall.

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