Birthday Preview: Year in Review #4 (Nov.)

21 Jul

November was a month of a lot of big steps – literally. There was his first real haircut at a real barber, and there was his first time standing on his own. But biggest of all? His first real steps!

Tentative steps, sure, with nothing resembling balance or control. But still! We were, naturally enough, quite chuffed, as they say over here.

Other than that, it was a month with more giggling, laughing and playing – putting stuff in drawers, taking stuff out of drawers, playing with the temperature control knob on the refrigerator, sticking stuff into the front-loading washing machine.

Also this month we first noted what we termed the ‘kamikaze crawl,’ later upgraded to the still-ongoing kamikaze run: he would crawl quickly across the floor, often naked either before or after a bath, and just scream joyously. Now he does it while running naked from his room to the bathroom, or running from his room to another room if he’s not in the mood for a bath. That’s our boy!

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