Birthday Preview: Year in Review #3 (Oct.)

20 Jul

Ah, October. Leaves changing, days getting noticeably shorter, crisp fall nights, all that.

We didn’t really notice the changing of the seasons all that much, I suppose, kept busy as we were by an ever-developing young man. Just the usual: playing, exploring the house, eating (sometimes – he’s never been the world’s greatest eater), reading, generally being a happy little guy.

We had a special treat mid-month when Grandma L. and Grandpa L. flew over – and brought Great-Grandma L. too! Nyan of course loved being spoiled.

At month-end, Mommy and Daddy both played hookey from work (shh) to attend an afternoon Halloween party. Nyan dressed up like a lion and looked pretty darn adorable, even if he wouldn’t keep the lion head on his head (not to worry though, Mommy and Daddy took turns wearing it themselves).

His health held up pretty well, although he did catch a case of conjunctivitis from school, and generously passed it along to both of us. So for a week or so, we all had copious amounts of greenish-grey gunk coming out of our eyes. Attractive!


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