Birthday Preview: Year in Review #7 (Feb.)

22 Jul

By February, Nyan was walking pretty much all the time. Dancing too. And just being lovely. We wrote at the time: Nyan is at a pretty fun stage – he’s just happy all the time, exploring, somewhat independent (sorta), talking… just a joy.

He was becoming more and more conversant (still babbling, sure, but obviously in his head he was making perfect sense no matter what he was saying). And ever-more observant of the world. For example, when we would read books with him, he was (we wrote in February) “more and more able to ID the items himself. For instance, I’ll say ‘Where’s the apple?’ and after a moment or two, he’ll point to the apple. It’s especially endearing with certain words; tell him ‘Show me the lion’ and he’ll point to a picture of a lion and let out a big roar as well.”

We had a couple of pooping incidents in February – well, that’s nothing new, but for some reason your humble blogger decided to record them in these pages; in one incident, a warm bathtub featured prominently, while in the other, we saw our hero utterly relaxed and content after a particularly large poop. Check the archives if you want to relive those magical memories. (As we write these words in July 2013, he is, regrettably, not quite as regular as we would like, though better than he was over the winter.)

All in all, though, things were perfectly fine in February. He was happy, he was healthy… the latter point would be challenged come March, but we’ll get to that in the next post…

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