Birthday Preview: Year in Review #8 (March)

23 Jul

Ah, March. Springtime. Birds chirping, abundant sunshine, flowers poking out. Perfect time of year, right? Except not so much in London this year: March ended up being colder than December, January or February, and in fact it was the coldest March in something like 40 years.

We tried to make the most of it though, and signed up the young man for his first-ever swimming lessons.  Half an hour in an indoor, heated pool on Sunday afternoons, from early March through late April. We can’t say he took to it like a fish to water; in that first lesson, he spent the first 10 or 15 minutes clinging desperately to Daddy’s neck and calling out for Mommy, who was watching from the sidelines. But after 15 minutes, he finally calmed down and start to swim – kicking in the water, swimming a bit as Daddy held him face-forward in the water, etc. At subsequent lessons it took less and less time for him to get comfortable and start to enjoy it, so overall it was a success.

Ah, but we had to miss the second lesson. Why? The following Sunday morning, Nyan puked. That’s not like him; and it was definitely not like him to puke again. And again. Three or four times over a couple of hours. So it was off to the emergency room, his first time there! No fun, and all of our nerves were quite frayed. After a couple of hours, though, we were discharged: the diagnosis was that it was just a viral infection that would work itself out. And sure enough, it did, and he was back on his feet a couple days later. Whew!

Otherwise, though, no complaints for March. He was mostly his normal joyous self, with plenty of dancing, as you can see in this classic clip:

And reading, and playing with his friends at school, meeting a cousin for the first time, and just being Nyan. The month ended up an up note too: on Good Friday we took a family field trip to the Horniman House Museum in South London, where we met our friends Raquel, Kevin and their son Thomas, and checked out the fish, the turtles and all the taxidermied animals (most of which Nyan knew from his books, and proudly walked around pointing them out and naming them). Meanwhile Mommy whipped up a fancy Easter bonnet for Nyan to wear at an Easter parade at school. Not too shabby!


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